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Air quality is a growing concern among homeowners since the air is considered almost 70% more polluted than the outdoor air. How is this possible? We are recycling the same, stale, dirty air in our household over and over again. Getting the HVAC and ductwork regularly cleaned does help somewhat, but indoor air quality technology is needed to go one step further.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions from Daniell Heat & Air

Let’s face it, we are indoors most of our day. It is actually estimated that Americans are inside around 90% of the time. That is a long time to be breathing in inferior indoor air conditions. The inside air needs to become a priority. At Daniell Heat & Air we make it simple to prioritize your health by offering a vast catalog of options. Choose a HEPA, Media, or Electronic Air Cleaner to efficiently and quickly tackle the issue with dust. Is cleanliness a concern and germs? Consider calling our number for Ultraviolet Treatment Systems, Bipolar ionization, and duct sanitation. We pride ourselves on our extensive IAQ options in Hot Springs National Park, Royal, Rockwell, Piney, Hot Springs, Hot Springs Village, Mountain Pine, Pearcy, Jessieville, and Pleasant Hill, AR.

Humidifiers, Air Purifiers, and More

Sometimes the level of moisture in the home is a concern. Too dry of air leads to static that is annoying to the homeowner but also detrimental to electronics. Dry air leads to chapped lips, bloody noses, dry skin, and feeling uncomfortable during the winter season. At Daniell Heat & Air, we offer both steam and bypass humidifiers to tackle this issue right away. Adding moisture to the air quality has proven to make the house feel warmer and save energy by lowering the thermostat.

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Aaron and Tyler did an amazing job on our duct work. Very professional and considerate. Always on time, did a great job, and were great at keeping us updated on their progress and answered any questions we had. Will definitely use again.

Amy L.

Zach came to check why my central air conditioner wasn’t cooling and making awful noises. He quickly found the problems, but because there were so many different things going on, it took him a little bit to get them all done. (They were all time consuming.) He went above and beyond to get it fixed today.

Wendy A

I reached out to Daniell Heat &Air after a failed attempt by another service company. Zach responded within an hour on Friday afternoon. He quickly diagnosed my problem and determined that my Geothermal pump needed to be replaced.

Gary C.

Beth, my service tech is AWESOME! I have no problem whatsoever letting her in my home when I’m not there. She does a great job & the company is top notch. I highly recommend Daniel Heating & Air.

Tami K.

I called Daniell because I needed a professional to fix my AC. They were prompt (in the summer busy season) and very knowledgeable. Sam got it working again and Josiah returned to do a full diagnostic and find the problem (something two other companies failed to do).

Paul G

Samuel came exactly at my appointment time and did a very through inspection. He found an issue which he took the time to explain in detail and quite clearly what the problem was, why it was a problem, and my options for correcting it.

Amy G.
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